It all started in the cafeteria...

We met at the Belmont University cafeteria our freshmen year of college when our moms introduced us because we happened to share the same name (MacKenzie). From the early days, we bonded over more than our namesake—we both had a deep love for Jesus and a zeal for community. over the years we’ve started a ministry together, written books together, and created FTG as a way to combine those two passions. We believe that following Jesus is the most wildly exciting ride of your life, taking yourself too seriously is overrated, and faith is best done in community! 

What you can expect...

Rooted in Scripture: All of our content is inspired by the Word of God. We believe in having an active & alive relationship with Scripture in our everyday lives. All of our resources and content reflect that heartbeat and come from Jesus-centered-truth rooted in Scripture.

Fun & Relatable: This isn’t your Mom’s boring Bible study. (Sorry mom!) We strive to create content that meets you right where you’re at in life. While we don’t shy away from the hard stuff, we also don’t shy away from almost peeing our pants on the daily from laughing so hard. After all, following Jesus is fun and full of joy!

Not Afraid of Hard Truth: We’re not afraid to say it like it is and to bring you the HARD truth that sometimes you won’t want to hear. We believe wholeheartedly that while conviction, sacrifice and pruning isn’t always easy, it’s always worth it in the end when you start to look more and more like Jesus.