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Cause it's ladies night and I'm feelin right...


September 28th @ 7pm CST!!


Guess what?! We're hosting a super fun virtual event for single women like YOU!


Feeling lonely lately? Struggling in your singleness? Feeling like you're behind all of your friends? Wondering when it's going to be your turn?


This night is for you! It will encourage you to keep pursuing Jesus wholeheartedly while looking to Him to be your source of hope and joy in the midst of your current season. You'll learn from other women ahead of you on the journey AND even have the chance to meet the love of your life ;) That's right!!!!




+ An encouraging message from an incredible panel of single women sharing their personal journeys and experiences hosted by Mac & Kenz.


+ Live Matchmaking! We love setting people up and you could get the chance to go on a live date with an incredible Jesus loving guy! Three lucky ladies will be chosen to be matched up with some incredible Jesus-loving bachelors.


+ The opportunity to connect with other single women!


+ Other fun surprises ;)

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